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Friday, 19 August 2011

(Not) off to a good start?

I'm a bit ahead of myself...I don't leave till tomorrow (Sat 20th) but to those of you that know me, you'll know my slight OCD about making travel plans run smoothly.

So, London - Paris rail ticket:  check
      Paris - Venice rail ticket:   check
      Venice - Patras ferry ticket: check

One night in a Venice hotel:  check.  But just to DOUBLE check, I call the hotel to see that they have my reservation (having made it through the Internet).  I know, I know - these Internet companies like or are very reliable, etc etc.  But did I mention my OCD thing about travel plans?

Transcription of telephone conversation

Male Receptionist:  "Buon giorno, Hotel *****"
Me:                       "Can I check you have a reservation for me please?"
Male Receptionist: "What your name?"
Me:                         "*****"
Male Receptionist: "Eh???!!!"
Me:                        (Repetition of my name, with spelling of surname)
Male Receptionist:  "Non signora"
Me:                          "Eh??!!"
Male Receptionist: "Non signora, nothing 'ere for a ***** (my name)"
Me:                         "But I booked through Expedia!"
Male Receptionist: Nothing 'ere Signora, for you or Expedia."

Determined not to panic, I call Expedia.  After about 4 mins of deciphering the correct button to press
(No, I didn't want to cancel my reservation, so didn't want to press 2, etc), a nice lady assured me she'd call the hotel to sort it out, then she'd call me back.

6 mins later, said Expedia lady calls me back. 
"Madam, you can be sure they have your booking.  You need to make sure they understand it's though Expedia."

So!  I'll find out soon!  Keep your eyes peeled.

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